Encouraging interaction between people with autistic employees and non-autistic employees

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Employee engagement is a critical driver of business success. High levels of engagement foster customer loyalty, retention of talent, and improve organisational performance. It is important also to consider that in the face of the increasing use of tools and automation, employers may lose sight of the importance of human interaction to improve employee engagement (Hooper S., 2020).

The relationships between management and employees (especially autistic employees as well as those between co-workers) have a direct influence on the sense of meaningfulness at work. Meaningful human interactions encourage more engagement and motivation in the workplace than anything else. Acknowledging employees and treating them in a respectful way is one of the best ways to boost employee engagement. This does not mean offering them praise all the time but making them feel valued. If they feel as though they’re invisible, they can quickly become disengaged. A workplace that upholds these principles prioritises mutual respect, collaboration and communication at all levels (Hooper S., 2020). The goal of this module is to explore how to improve and encourage social and professional interaction at the workplace.

The module includes three topics in total.

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