Partner 2 – ECQ



European Center for Quality Ltd. (ECQ) is a modern consulting company founded in 2001 in Bulgaria. ECQ is specialized in two spheres.

–              development and management of projects.

–              development and implementation of international standards for quality management.

ECQ is a member of several networks and works in close cooperation with a number of foreign partners, among which are educational institutions and universities, qualification centers etc.

Competences ECQ brings to the project:

  • rich experience in research
  • experience in quality project management
  • experience in conducting training seminars and workshops
  • experience development of project informative websites and sophisticated learning platforms
  • experience in organizing small and big scale promotional events and conferences
  • experts with rich experience and complementary education and skills
  • knowledge and application of diverse dissemination techniques and channels

Contacts: Galina Ivanova:


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