Accommodating people with ASD in processes and activities

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Because of their attention to detail, ability to concentrate, and creative thinking skills, people with autism make valuable employees. As it is clearly explained in a study of UDS Foundation (2019) they excel at completing repetitive tasks and doing research, and typically stick with a job once they’re hired. However, some employers are hesitant to hire (or even interview) job candidates who have autism. In this module, it is exploring why autistic people struggle to find employment and how employers can support employees who have autism. Autistic adults are less likely than other disability groups to find employment after graduation. Studies show that as many as 90% of autistic adults are either underemployed or unemployed. Many employers don not fully understand autism and are not aware of the benefits employees with autism can bring to their company (UDS Foundation, 2019).

The goal of this module is to explore how to accommodate ASD in organizational processes and activities.

The module includes in total 3 topics.

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