Introduction to work opportunities and potentialities for a better inclusion

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Welcome to the first module of this course!

This module will provide you with an introduction to a workplace and the potentialities for a better inclusion in the workplace. Workplaces have several ways of organising themselves and how they deal with topics such as inclusion, notion of disclosure and support of people with autism. This module presents some of the ways in which a workplace deals with these topics. Therefore, these are not the only ways to deal with inclusion, notion of disclosure or support at the workplace. It might be a good idea to talk to your employer or a confidant at your workplace to make sure you understand how the topics relate to your specific situation and workplace.

The goal of this module is to give you some knowledge and examples of how to understand your workplace and your own rights and possibilities herein.

After studying this module, you will achieve the following learning outcomes:

  • What is inclusion in the workplace
  • How to deal with notion of disclosure
  • How to advocate for your rights in a workplace
  • What is reasonable accommodation
  • Support in the workplace
  • Rules at the workplace

The module includes in total 6 topics

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