Partner 4 – Specialisterne



Specialisterne Foundation is a Danish foundation with a non-profit charity purpose. The ethos of the Foundation is to respect and accommodate autistic people as worthy and valuable citizens.

The objective of the Foundation is to enable autistic people to achieve a meaningful and productive working life for the benefit of the individual, society, and the business sector on a global basis. Autistic people are defined as people who possess talents that are potentially useful in business life, but, as a result of pervasive developmental disorders and/or related mental and behavioral disorders are socially isolated due to a lack of understanding and support in their actual environment.

Competence of work in this project:

  • bring know-how in recruiting, education, and bridging autistic people with companies
  • facilitate identification and training in order to provide for the development of personal, social, and professional skills
  • develop methods for identifying, training, and employing autistic people
  • ensure that all activities are focused on practical application

Contacts: Rasmus Tornehave:


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