Organization and prioritization of tasks at work

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Welcome to the sixth module of the course!

In this module you will gain knowledge about organisation and prioritisation of tasks when you are at work. It might be challenging to know when and how to organise and prioritise your tasks. Therefore, this is the main focus in this module. Furthermore, we will look into the concept of multitasking and how this can become relevant when being at a workplace.

As with module 2, the goal of this module is to assist you in getting prepared for working in an organisation. Moreover, the goal is to make you comfortable at a workplace in terms of knowledge about organisation and prioritisation of tasks.

After studying this module, you will achieve the following learning outcomes:

You will know:

  • How to organise in a workplace, an example
  • How to prioritise your tasks
  • What is multitasking

The module includes in total 3 topics

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